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Hospital Questionnaire
  • Application Reports/Displays Questionnaire
  • Application Feature Questions Questionnaire
  • Vendor Support and Responsiveness Questionnaire
  • Implementation Plan Questionnaire
  • Vendor Background Questionnaire
  • Computer and Terminal Equipment Questionnaire
  • Audit, Security and Confidentiality Questionnaire
  • Contractual Considerations Questionnaire
Vendor Provided Supporting Documentation
  • Sample Application Reports/Displays & Documentation
  • Applications Supporting Material
  • Implementation Schedule
  • User Manuals, Training Guides and On-line Help
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proposed Equipment Configuration and Deployment
  • Information Systems Facility Requirements
  • Other Operational Applications
  • Statement of Financial Stability
  • Proposed Vendor Contract
  • List of Current Users
  • Consolidated Pricing/Cost Schedule
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