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January 1997
01/08 Intel's introduces multimedia extension (MMX) Pentiums
01/08 Netscape announced the "preview release" of Netscape Communicator
01/14 W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) endorsed HTML 3.2 as a W3C Recommendation
01/15 Class-action suit filed against America Online
01/16 Microsoft Unveils New Version Of Office 97
01/16 Microsoft, Intuit and CheckFree join for OFX (Open Financial Exchange) standard
01/17 America Online Passes 8 Million Members
01/17 Texas Instruments to sell notebook division to Acer by March 31
01/27 Symantec released Norton Utilities for Windows NT 4.0
01/28 Intuit To Give Away Some Tax Software 1040EZ
01/29 Kodak To Buy Wang Software Business
01/29 America Online Offers Refund In Settlement
01/30 Intel cuts prices on CPUs
01/31 SyQuest ships SyJet 1.5-Gbyte removable-cartridge drive

February 1997
02/03 Smart World Communications Inc. began offering free unlimited Internet service nationwide.
02/04 3M introduced Post-it Notes for Printers
02/04 Compaq announced price cuts across its product lines
02/07 Microsoft To Phase Out NT Development For PowerPC
02/07 Intel demonstrated 300MHz chip, 50% faster than top-of-the-line Pentium Pro
02/07 Intel demonstrated Pentium Pro architecture (7.5 million transistor, 0.35 micron)
02/11 Western Digital announced SDX (Storage Data Acceleration) Technology
02/14 Intel officially names Klamath (Pentium Pro with MMX) processor the Pentium II
02/17 Intel ships Pentium Mobile Module
02/18 Artisoft announces FirstWeb to be hosted by AOL
02/18 Corel ships WordPerfect Suite for DOS
02/18 Microsoft Plus! for Kids is now available
02/20 Borland to layoff 300 of its 1,000 employees
02/24 Kingston to offer 32MB RAM for $199 to Microsoft users
02/24 Microsoft Investor site upgraded
02/24 Netscape posts Communicator Preview Release 2 (Navigator 4.0)
02/24 U.S. Robotics begins shipping x2 (56K-bps) modems
02/25 Starfish Software ships Internet Utilities 97
02/25 Microsoft posts free Pocket Automap for Windows CE
02/26 3Com announced purchase of U.S. Robotics for $6.6 Billion
02/27 AOL begins using USR x2 modems in selected cities
02/28 Lotus to begin shipping SmartSuite 97
02/28 McAfee announces ViruScan 3.0

March 1997
03/03 Intel announced Pentium Overdrive processors with MMX for "classic" Pentiums running at 75-100MHz
03/03 Blockbuster to distribute AT&T WorldNet software
03/04 Students discovered security bug in MSIE
03/05 Microsoft released IE 3.0 bug fix (shortcut)
03/05 CheckFree announced Web-based billing service
03/06 Sun Microsystems announced JavaOS 1.0
03/10 AOL purchased LightSpeed Media for its Interactive Entertainment Network
03/10 Sony launched "Sony@Station" Entertainment web site
03/10 Microsoft posts Internet Explorer 3.0 security patch
03/10 Microsoft enhances Internet Gaming Zone
03/10 Toshiba announced Equium PCs - corporate desktop systems
03/12 Microsoft Corp. today officially rolled out its long-awaited Exchange 5.0 server and client
03/12 Microsoft and Intel release NetPC Specifications
03/12 Western Digital acknowledged problem with AC31600 (1.6GB) drive
03/13 The Microsoft Network last night was presented the NetGuide People's Choice Award for Best Consumer Online Service
03/14 Apple Computer to lay off 4,100 of 13,400 employees
03/14 Intel filed suit against AMD and Cyrix over MMX
03/14 $100 million Class-action law suit filed against AOL
03/15 Four11 launches RocketMail, web-based e-mail
03/17 Microsoft posts security fix for FrontPage server components
03/18 Novell names Sun Microsystems' Eric Schmidt chairman and chief executive officer
03/19 HP and Microsoft announce alliance for Windows NT
03/19 Time files lawsuit against CompuServe over Forum
03/21 Netscape and Novell announce agreement to form Novonyx
03/24 Intel and Eastman Kodak to create specifications for digital imaging
03/25 Microsoft posts Internet Explorer 3.02 to fix recent security bugs
03/27 Gateway 2000 announces plans to purchase bankrupt Amiga Technologies
03/31 Disney announces Disney's Daily Blast on MSN for $4.95/mo.
03/31 Symantec begins shipping WinFax Pro 8.0
03/31 Digital (DEC) ships 600MHz Alpha Chip

April 1997
04/01 AT&T begins charging new customers $4.95/month for 5 hours access
04/02 AMD ships AMD-K6-233 (Pentium II competitor) - 8.8 million transistor, 0.35-micron
04/02 Practical Peripherals is shipping different Modems based on K56flex or x2 technology
04/03 Microsoft launched its first city guide for Seattle
04/06 Microsoft to acquire WebTV for $425 million
04/08 Microsoft posts first Platform Preview Release of Internet Explorer 4.0
04/08 Cyrix demonstrated a 233-MHz MMX M2 Processor
04/08 AOL has resumed signing up new customers over 8 million that it had stopped in January
04/10 Social Security ( web site shut down for 60 days to evaluate security concerns
04/15 AOL to introduce online service in Japan
04/15 Netscape details Netcaster (Constellation) push technology
04/16 IBM now a majority stockholder in NetObjects
04/20 MSN mail servers down for upgrade
04/21 AMD and Intel settle MMX litigation
04/22 BellSouth begins Yellow Pages Online at
04/22 CitySearch to provide online ticketing through Ticketmaster
04/23 HP announced plans to acquire VeriFone
04/25 CompuServe and Time magazine settled lawsuit
04/25 Iomega recalls 75,000 Jaz disks
04/28 Ticketmaster files suit against Microsoft's Seattle Sidewalk
04/28 Inverse announces AOL's call failure rate for March was 60%
04/28 Intel cut prices on current processors
04/29 Prodigy announces plans to provide Internet access in China
04/30 CompuServe debuts overhauled information service

Future News

- Gary Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue begin chess rematch - 05/03/97
- Intel to ship 233, 266, 300-MHz Pentium II (Pentium Pro with MMX)
  Processors - 05/07/97
- Lotus to ship 1-2-3 97 update to fix bugs in functions- 05/12/97
- ABC News to launch - May 1997
- Panasonic to ship 24x CD-ROM drives - May 1997

- AOL to field test K56flex modems in selected cities - June 1997
- Corel to ship WordPerfect 8 Suite for Windows 95- June 1997
- Netscape's Netcaster (Constellation) to go into
  beta testing - June 1997

- New IAHC top-level domain names to start (.firm, .store, .web,
  .arts, .rec, .info, .nom) - Sept 1997

- Netscape Communicator (Navigator 4.0) begins
  shipping - 2nd qtr 1997
- Intel to ship top/end of line Pentium 233MHz
  with MMX - 2nd qtr 1997

- Windows 97 (Memphis) windows 95 update - Jan 1998

- Intel to ship 366-MHz Pentium II (Deschutes) CPU - Dec 1998



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